The City of Litchfield's wastewater collection system is made up of three types of sewer lines:

  • Sanitary sewer lines carry sanitary wastewater.
  • Storm sewer lines carry stormwater. 
  • Combined sewer lines transport both stormwater and sanitary water together 

Combined Sewer Lines

The main portion of the City's collection system is constructed of combined sewer lines. Every sanitary sewer line must travel through a combined sewer line at some point to get to the treatment facility. 

The pipes in the collection system range in size from 6 inches to 78 inches in diameter, and may be made from brick, cement, or clay tile.  

Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Wastewater Treatment Facility is an activated sludge process designed to treat an average daily flow of 2.14 million gallons per day (MGD) and a peak flow of 5.35 MGD. The excess flow facilities are designed to hold 14.32 million gallons (MG) before chlorinating and discharging 8.1 MGD.

Maintenance Services

Veolia North America serves as the City of Litchfield's partner providing operation and maintenance services for the wastewater treatment system. On the City's behalf, Veolia acts as a regulatory agency liaison ensuring the facility meets and/or exceeds regulations and standards. In addition, Veolia manages the sludge land application program for the wastewater treatment system.