Street Department

Few departments have a greater impact on your everyday welfare than the Street Department. Every second, the maintenance and improvement of your City infrastructure are key to progress, sustainability, and quality of life. From the plowed roads that get you to that dance recital, to the clean streets you drive or bike every day,  the Litchfield Street Department is proudly committed to supporting a high standard of living.

How We Serve the Community

The Litchfield Street Department is responsible for overseeing the construction and maintenance of Litchfield's infrastructure to ensure a high quality of life for the citizens they serve. The department is responsible for the maintenance of:

  • Drainage systems
  • Streets
  • Water and sewer lines

The department also provides road improvements and drainage system upgrades.

Service Line Maintenance

Sewer service and water main line repairs are the responsibility of the property owner.  The Street Department only repairs water mains.

Other Requests