Snow Removal & Ice Control

The goal of the Street Department is to maintain safe streets during inclement winter weather. In general, the department strives to meet the following criteria:

  • Streets should be made clean and passable within 10 hours after snow has stopped.
  • Plowing will start after two inches of accumulation has occurred. 
  • Ice control will start immediately after buildup begins or before buildup if the department has notice of an approaching storm.

For storms that have high winds and drifting, the plow may not be able to keep up with all streets.  Efforts will be focused on arterial and connector streets. Arterial streets will be pushed back to the curb or ditch line, whichever is applicable. Connector streets will get one pass in each direction. The goal is to keep streets passable so no resident has more than two blocks to go to get to a clean and passable street.

For storms with heavy accumulation and heavy drifting snow, efforts will be focused on the arterial streets with the connector streets receiving attention as allowable by the storm. After the storm is under control all streets will be pushed back to the curb or ditch line.

Ice Control

The best way to handle ice is prevention instead of removal. In the case of an approaching storm, major intersections and the downtown area will be salted before the ice starts to form. Pretreatment helps prevent the ice from adhering to the road surface and makes the removal easier, cheaper, and safer. 

Salt will be used on all streets.