Comprehensive Plan

How Our Comprehensive Plan Serves Our Residents

The Comprehensive Plan is an official public document adopted by the Litchfield City Council to state the desired vision for the future of the community and to serve as a policy guide for decisions regarding the City of Litchfield. The City of Litchfield's Comprehensive Plan considers issues relevant to the community and provides a plan for improvements and development the City. It assists the City Departments and Officials in the setting of goals and objectives that reflect the aspirations of the people of Litchfield. 

Making Our Plan a Success

A comprehensive plan depends upon the support of the people in the community to make it successful. Your willingness and participation to help implement this plan are vital to our goals. 

During the plan-making process, a Comprehensive Plan Committee was formed to provide leadership and guidance. Valuable input was obtained through interviews with community leaders, focus groups, and surveys of residents and youth. The goals and objectives of the plan were determined based on these discussions and are representative of popular opinion.

Review the Comprehensive Plan

You can review the full plan (DOC) to see the long-term plan for continuous improvement in our community.