Tourism Advisory Committee

How We Serve Our Residents

The Tourism Advisory Committee advises the Litchfield City Council on the best way to use revenues collected by the hotel operators’ occupation tax to increase travel and tourism to the City of Litchfield and foster economic growth.

It is important to note that City Council may accept proposals and recommendations from other parties and has the final authority to act upon spending. Third parties do not have to go before the Tourism Advisory Committee.

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Carnegie Building
400 N State Street
Litchfield, IL 62056


  • Jacob Jones (expires May 2026)
  • Katie Cross (expires May 2025)
  • Jean Bruner Jachino (expires May 2025)
  • Brooke Steinmann (expires May 2024)
  • Ann Helgen (expires May 2024)
  • Nancy Hyam (expires May 2026)
  • Jean Elmore (expires May 2026)
  • David Hershberger (expires May 2024)
  • Lauren Plummer, Chamber of Commerce Representative (expires May 2022)
  • Terry Hancock, Lake Staff Liaison
  • Kassidy Paine, Alderwoman