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Litchfield… more than a GREAT location for Lifestyle!

Business and individuals looking to locate to Litchfield may be surprised to find something most communities our size cannot offer: contemporary living on a 1,400 acre recreational lake on a weekend or year-round basis. Lake Lou Yaeger is the home to many year-round residents who enjoy the optimum combination of solitude, water sports and lakeside living, all within a few minutes' drive from the conveniences and amenities of town.

Litchfield prides itself as being a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Our location offers the best of both worlds. For people seeking an escape from rush hour traffic and overcrowded venues, Litchfield is the perfect place. A typical commute across town takes minutes and traffic is essentially non-existent. Situated between two major cities (St. Louis, Missouri and Springfield, Illinois), Litchfield's location gives its residents the ability to experience small town life while taking advantage of the attractions that surrounding cities provide.

With a low crime rate, affordable housing, quality healthcare facilities, low cost of living, and exceptional schools, Litchfield has something to offer everyone. Water sports, fishing, camping, bike trails, hiking and nature preserves at Lake Lou Yaegar is one of the reasons residents who visit Litchfield overwhelmingly decide to stay. Community events and hometown pride is why those who venture off always manage to find their way back home. Centered downtown is an original Andrew Carnegie Public Library. Parks are scattered throughout Litchfield providing plenty of opportunity for exercise or relaxation. Events centered on Old Route 66 bring excitement to visitors and residents alike. Litchfield’s original drive-in movie theater unites the past and present together for evenings of affordable family fun!

Whether for routine check-ups, family health services or emergency care, Litchfield offers health care choices for everyone. St. Francis Hospital is a full service acute care institution with a 24-hour physician covered emergency room. The Litchfield Radiation Oncology Center provides surrounding communities with radiation oncology treatment services. Emergency, home health care, elder care and outpatient facilities are just some of the many services available to the business community and residents. For more information visit;

Litchfield offers new and expanding businesses the appeal of a sustainable and stable community featuring regional healthcare services, quality recreational opportunities and affordable Midwestern living, all in close proximity to the convenience and excitement of nearby metropolitan areas.


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